The return of the bred



The bred is here, the bred is here! Major key as DJ Khaled would say.  September 3rd Jordan will introduce the remastered version of the Bred 1 that was originally released back in 1985 with a retail of only $64.99 man don’t we all wish shoes were the same price now (MJ shrug). This looks to be one of the most sought after releases of the year, but the real question is will this help or hurt the bred 1s meaning in sneaker culture? Most of the releases of 2016 have been sitting due to the mass amounts of shoes that Nike has been releasing. Restocks are going down all the time now and could seriously impact the resale value of the previous released models. Don’t get me wrong the shoes will sell out in a matter of minutes, but as a sneakerhead we don’t want this shoe to be another Jordan UNC 1.  I am still excited to get my hands on this sought after shoe and own a pair of history. Stay tuned for a full review of the shoe and my thoughts once September hits.