The War On Race


It seems as though no one has a wrong or right answer in regards to race. When you see black men getting shot as it airs on shows like C-SPAN it is starting to seem like this is the new normal. Is this really the new normal for America? We have terrorism going on around the world and a divided government; you would think that this would be the time for everyone to come together and be united. How can we be united when a specific group of people are not only being killed by their own but now by the police that are supposed to protect and serve the communities in which we live in? This has only further divided us as a nation. In light of everything that is happening across the country it seems that everyone has an opinion. From All Lives Matter, to every day people posting on Facebook and YouTube they all seem to have an opinion in regards to “how can you be oppressed in America”. The internet has made it okay for everyone to be a professional when it comes to race and equal rights. I do believe that the killing of black men by other black men needs to stop. As far as what I believe regarding equal rights; I do not believe that we are equal. Many people have said; “well just stop being lazy and get a job”, “it’s your fault you don’t have an education”, or “we are all, the same work for what you have or want”. Yes, those things all sound so easy, right? Many believe that the answer is “just work”. Did you know that white men are more likely to hire white men and that if you have a black sounding name then you’re less likely to get a job over someone who has a white sounding name? In addition that people will try to find more spelling errors in your work if they think you are black; now to me that sounds like an unfair playing field. It’s not about people being slaves like some of you “oh so right people” on Facebook believe or about other countries being worse than America. This is America! That is the entire point. People come from all across the world to be free not to be oppressed or treated differently because of the color of their skin. If you’ve never had to walk in a room and worry about your race, then you can’t relate or truly understand when people riot or why Colin Kaepernick decides not to stand during the national anthem. This country wasn’t built around equal rights when the national anthem was written or even when the US Constitution was written, please remember that blacks were still enslaved at that time. You can’t have the answers when you’ve never been to an inner city neighborhood or when you haven’t even taken the time to talk to a person of color. I am not saying I have all the answers in regards to race or equal rights in our country, but I can say I have friends of all different backgrounds and all different races. I believe that all people are equal. Have I always been treated equal, no but that has never stopped me from being diverse and embracing diversity. It starts with the black community; if we act as if our brother’s and sister’s lives have no value then other people will see their lives as cheap. Get to know people of other races step and think outside of the box. We are not limited to the neighborhoods that we are born into, so get out see the world. I hope that one day we can all walk as one and that we no longer see each other as black or white but as equals. Now back to the kicks.