Music Monday

Today I got to sit down with an up and coming music group out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nefelibata is a group made up of A.J. Plewa aka Drù  Tyson Spears aka TysoSPRME (who just happens to be my little brother). Nefelibata gives you smooth vocals and raps that anyone can relate to. Those are only two of the countless reasons that makes this group a must listen for anyone that likes music. Check out the interview below.


First off where are you from?

I was born in Missouri and now I am living and frequent within Milwaukee, WI.

What got you into music?

 I got into music at the age of 14-15 through an older cousin Nolan aka Nol Polite. I was always interested in music just by loving the sound and what it was. It was an escape, stories, lessons, love; everything that a human could feel that’s what it was to me. It was something about the way it made me feel that made me pursue music on a more professional and focused level.

Is your family musical?

A lot of members in my family are musical. From my uncle doing reggae, to my cousins dancing, to other cousins that make music or any form of art. Even my grandpa’s taste in music lives on through my dad and through me. I can still vibe out to the old school joints.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Jay-z. Just everything musically about that man is something to admire. From the bars and catchphrases, to the hooks, to even his business state of mind.That entrepreneur mind-set that he has inspires me to do my best; to one day take over the game, be a great, and be a “business man” if you get the Hov reference. Lol

Were you influenced by old records & tapes? If so, which ones?

I was influenced by a lot of music, older and new. Outkast, kid cudi, Hov, Wayne’s older material, of course. Just to name a few.

What projects are you currently working on?

Right now I am working on 4 projects. I have my solo project titled “Fo(u)r Forever”; which is basically me expressing myself and telling my current listeners and new listeners who I am as a person, my experiences/stories in my life, and within the underground music scene. I’m also working on a full length Nefelibata project with Drù. In addition, I am working on 2 different EPs, one with my homie SkyHi, he’s a young producer who has a couple of tracks on my solo project, and another EP with a  producer that’s a homie of mine as well, that also produced a few tracks for my solo project. That one’s still in the discussion phases lol. So I’m stacked with the hits lol.

What’s the next step for you musically?

Expand and grow. Expand my music throughout the world, gain new fans and relationships, and grow as a person and as a musician; lyrically and mentally.

Any advice for an up and coming artist?

Stay true to yourself, never change who you are, and make sure you have the right people with you on your journey to whatever you view as success. Having the wrong people around you can be very damaging. Not everybody is your “friend” or worth your space and time.

Please attach any social media:

You can follow me on twitter @_TysoSPRME , and on insta @tysosprmeofficial, my Facebook is just Tyson Spears Jr. for anybody wanting that too lol.



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