As The World Turns

As I turn on the news or go on any social media site the only thing I seem to find is hate and people thinking they know more about situations than others. We continue to see people getting banned from entering the United States and black people continue to be killed by law enforcement. This has played out right in front of our eyes. It saddens me to see the events that happened over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. I can say is that these events divide us as human beings and as a community. We should be coming together as one community looking out for one another and instead we are quick to point out each other’s differences. When you put things into perspective when we think about dying we may end up in one of two places; and when that day comes we should reflect on if we decided to live with hate in our hearts or did we chose to love and embrace differences. Most people go on social media in hopes of bringing about change and that through protesting this will inspire change. I believe that change starts when every one of us as individuals does something to contribute to creating that change. You make change by embracing people of all different backgrounds every single day. Creating change can be simple as sitting and having meal or saying hello to someone that doesn’t look or think like you but coming at the situation with an open mind in hopes to gain knowledge and understanding. It’s human nature to fear what we don’t understand so we must all take the time to be willing to hear and understand each other’s perspective. The individuals involved in sparking and creating change during the civil rights movement did so by going about change every single day. Even if they were in a better position they cared about the community; no one had hidden agendas. If someone was going through it then they all were; it was a time of great leaders, the church was the foundation they had something and someone to stand by. Now I am not saying protesting and sharing videos on social media isn’t helping because it is bringing awareness to others who may not fully understand what is going on. The question is, what are you going to do now that people are aware of the situation? How do you create and go about making and sustaining change other than just talking about it? We all can write to our congress men and women, we all have the right to sit in on community meetings and push for change, and we all can teach the younger generation of the dos and don’ts of society. You don’t have to bash the education system or our teachers when we all can teach our young ones inside our homes.  In times like these we all should come together when the world is trying to tear us apart.  We all have the ability to make the world a better place and leave it a little better for those generations to come. We all have the ability to lead our communities and make the changes that we want to see.  It all starts with you, as an individual, to choose love and acceptance regardless of race, gender, or where they came from. Just with each of us as individuals trying to create change and be open to change through our everyday actions we can inspire others to join us, and together with love and openness we can overcome anything.


One thought on “As The World Turns

  1. Great read! Inspiring, and much needed today! People need to realize the blessings of being alive and what we can do with the force of intention. The sooner we forget the differences the sooner we can create a place where we all agree. Much Love.

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