The Life Issue

In a time where we have Keeping up with the Kardashians, Instagram, and Snapchat it gives us the idea that everyone is happy all the time. This idea or illusion can at times make us envious of the life they are living and we could only dream about living that kind of life. In reality even mega stars and socialites have bad days and can be sad from time to time. So when things don’t seem to be going right for you don’t be down on yourself, everyone goes through it, everyone gets down or feels depressed, and guess what, it’s completely normal.

Mental health and self-care is very important and it’s a topic that most people are scared or embarrassed to talk about. We live in a world where everything is accessible in our hand, we have instant gratification and we want everyone to believe that our lives are perfect. In reality no person is happy every minute of everyday; we all go through ups and downs. No matter how much the media seems to show us that people are happy all the time it’s not reality, nor is it healthy for us to believe that it is or that we need to be. I believe that more people should step up and talk about mental health and self-care. As for me, I try to focus on positive energy and making sure my thoughts are in order before I start every day. Doing this used to be difficult for me due to my anxiety. With my anxiety I have a million negative and positive thoughts going through my head that it sometimes feels impossible to balance them. Some days are better than others, somedays you get caught up in your own thoughts and you end up talking yourself out of doing stuff or wondering what people are actually thinking about you when you do decide to do things. Although I do still continue to have these thoughts often, I still go out and do things and try new things because it’s better to live life than to live in fear of your thoughts and other people’s thoughts. No matter what you do people will say whatever and think whatever, I remind myself that every day is a new day to challenge myself and to push myself further than I had the day before. Mental health varies, some days you let your anxiety get the best of you and you don’t end up leaving the house and doing all those things that you had planned to do. But I realize that the less I think about something and actually do it, the more things I actually do. I have learned the more I write down and express my thoughts the better I feel. You may not deal with anxiety you may get down on yourself for simple things, you may know a friend that is down more than usual, but if you go out into the world knowing that everyone is fighting something whether it’s big or small and that they may not have an outlet. We can be someone’s outlet; it could be a simple hello or goodbye. I was always told at 70 you don’t remember all the things you did but you remember all the things you didn’t do. If we could all pass that along to someone having a hard time or going through a rough patch in their life we can all make the world a better place.

The sun doesn’t shine every day and no storm lasts forever, but eventually if you are going through something the light will always shine and things will always get better. We have to remember to stay positive and reach out and talk to people when we need to. Getting help or talking to someone because you have a problem doesn’t make you weak or less of a person, suffering when you don’t have to does. Sometimes we all need someone to talk to, we aren’t always happy living perfect lives we see on Instagram, those are just highlights but you miss the real game if all you look at is the highlights. Don’t miss out on your game, it ends too quickly.


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