Wow, 2017 came and went so fast! This year has been so amazing and has brought about so many new opportunities and challenges but overall I have been blessed and can’t wait to drop new and better content in 2018. With that being said, 2017 was a huge year for sneakers and street culture in general. So many people are into sneakers and street fashion now that it only brings new and fun designs for us as consumers. Adidas has stayed on fire with the Yezzy line and the Human Race, along with some dope collaborations from the EQT line as well as the Boost lineup.  Nike/Jordan reminded us that they refuse to be second tier to any brand and will remain king for years to come with drops like, the Kaws 4, the Jordan 1 Royal and of course, what may be the best collaboration of the year, the Nike X Off White 10 collection. With so much heat I decided to wrap up the year by giving you guys a look at my top 10 sneakers of 2017.


  1.  Jordan 4 KawsKAWS-x-Air-Jordan-4-17-565x372

2.  Jordan 1 RoyalAir-Jordan-1-High-1-5

3. Jordan 1 Off-White offwhite-jordan-1

4. Nike Pesto Off-White Screen-Shot-2017-08-12-at-7.47.44-AM

5. Adidas NMD x Invincible x Neighborhood INVI3

6. Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 a83e163d23b26c216df800b02c775cd2

7. Air Max 97 OG “Silver Bullet” nike-air-max-97-silver-bullet-us-release-info-03

8. Adidas Pharrell Human Race Trail adidas-human-race-nmd-tr-release-singapore-628x628

9. Adidas Futurecraft 4DUltra Boost adidas-futurecraft-4d-details-00

10. Concepts X New Balance 999 “ Hyannis” new-balance-999-hyannis-concepts-red



As The World Turns

As I turn on the news or go on any social media site the only thing I seem to find is hate and people thinking they know more about situations than others. We continue to see people getting banned from entering the United States and black people continue to be killed by law enforcement. This has played out right in front of our eyes. It saddens me to see the events that happened over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. I can say is that these events divide us as human beings and as a community. We should be coming together as one community looking out for one another and instead we are quick to point out each other’s differences. When you put things into perspective when we think about dying we may end up in one of two places; and when that day comes we should reflect on if we decided to live with hate in our hearts or did we chose to love and embrace differences. Most people go on social media in hopes of bringing about change and that through protesting this will inspire change. I believe that change starts when every one of us as individuals does something to contribute to creating that change. You make change by embracing people of all different backgrounds every single day. Creating change can be simple as sitting and having meal or saying hello to someone that doesn’t look or think like you but coming at the situation with an open mind in hopes to gain knowledge and understanding. It’s human nature to fear what we don’t understand so we must all take the time to be willing to hear and understand each other’s perspective. The individuals involved in sparking and creating change during the civil rights movement did so by going about change every single day. Even if they were in a better position they cared about the community; no one had hidden agendas. If someone was going through it then they all were; it was a time of great leaders, the church was the foundation they had something and someone to stand by. Now I am not saying protesting and sharing videos on social media isn’t helping because it is bringing awareness to others who may not fully understand what is going on. The question is, what are you going to do now that people are aware of the situation? How do you create and go about making and sustaining change other than just talking about it? We all can write to our congress men and women, we all have the right to sit in on community meetings and push for change, and we all can teach the younger generation of the dos and don’ts of society. You don’t have to bash the education system or our teachers when we all can teach our young ones inside our homes.  In times like these we all should come together when the world is trying to tear us apart.  We all have the ability to make the world a better place and leave it a little better for those generations to come. We all have the ability to lead our communities and make the changes that we want to see.  It all starts with you, as an individual, to choose love and acceptance regardless of race, gender, or where they came from. Just with each of us as individuals trying to create change and be open to change through our everyday actions we can inspire others to join us, and together with love and openness we can overcome anything.

Collaboration Is A Major Key!

Are collaborations really running the sneaker game right now? In my opinion, I would have to say YES! And to be honest no one does it better than Adidas. Adidas has done several collaborations this year, some of my favorite being collaborations with Reigning Champ, Sneakersnstuff, and Overkill. Adidas is fresh and is giving sneaker heads something new like the Ultra boost and the EQT. They also team up with the likes of Kanye, Kith, and Pharrell Williams giving us never before seen shoes and color ways. The Jordan brand on the other hand just gives us retro with new color ways; although they did give us the best collaboration of the year with the Jordan 4 X KAWS we still want something fresh and new from the goat. No matter what the brand is people will always gravitate towards collaborations because of the limited numbers in which they are produced and the overall unique designs and color ways.livestock

MY Top 5 Summer Kicks

Summer is finally here! That means less rain and more sunshine if you are in the pacific northwest like me, that means all around joy. So, with that being said I decided to give you guys my top 5 sneakers that will break necks this summer!


5.Vans Old Skool


4. Adidas Ultra Boost 1.0


3. Adidas NMD Human Race


2. Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Cream


1.Jordan 12 Taxi



Crown The King

Game 1 of the NBA finals starts tonight with an epic duo between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Both teams are coming into the playoffs hot with the Golden State Warriors going 12-0 so far in the playoffs. Do you think they have what it takes to sweep the reigning champs and take down the NBA’s best player? My money is with LeBron James and Cleveland winning in a tough 7 game series.IMG_1013

The beauty of life

The beautiful thing about life is that it’s not beautiful at all. It’s filled with ups and downs; one day you are on top of the world and everything is going your way, the next day you may end up with nothing. The beautiful thing in life that makes it worth while is the connections that we make with people. The simple joy that we get from seeing other people smile. Nowadays the world is moving so fast that we barley have time for real relationships and friendships. If we can all take a second to pause and step back, we’d see the impact that we make on other people’s lives. Our moods can affect those around us, whether they are friends or complete strangers. If we took the time to reflect we would realize that we posses tremendous power to bring joy to someone’s life or bring them pain.  Earlier this week I was told that I should focus more on being first, not in the competitive sense, but in the sense of being the first to say hello to someone you don’t know or stepping up to help someone in need. Reflecting on what she said, that’s what I want to be first at and that we should all strive for. Many of us complain about how bad the world is or how messed up things are but we all have the ability to make the world a better place, so why don’t we? We need to start slowing down, we need to work on building relationships and loving those we care about more than focusing on our phones and wondering what to post next. When was the last time you said, “Wow, I didn’t realize we have been talking for so long”?  I’m sure it’s been awhile but those usually turn out to be the best conversations and we need to start having more of them. So take the time to slow down and disconnect yourself from your phone and focus on those relationships and friendships. Many people don’t seem to realize the power of positive thinking, that we have the ability to speak anything into existence. We have all faced hard times in our lives but we cannot let one negative thing dictate the outcome of any situation. When you think in a positive manner you can change the outcome of the situation or even change the perspective of the situation. We should all write down what we want, if we believe in it others will too. My dad always said, “It’s not a goal until you write it down”. So if you have a goal or are working on something make sure to always stay positive and speak it into existence. Its 2017, anything is possible if you want it bad enough. We are living in a time where you are able to reach millions through the internet; there is no way that anyone should feel like they can’t accomplish their goals. In the end life isn’t perfect, but if you surround yourself with the right people you can make it your own version of perfect.