Designer Shoes V.S. General Releases

I would say the sneaker game is more about money rather than the passion of just liking shoes and fly kicks. I find few people that buy shoes that they like. Most of the sneaker heads that collect now days just buy whatever is hot, as you can see in some of the resell prices….

Jordan 4 “Royalty”

Jordan 4 Royalty drops tomorrow for the price of 190$. Check the links down below to see where you will be able to buy tomorrow. Good luck everyone! NIKE US February 4th 2017 7 AM PST.10 AM EST   Finish Line February 4th 2017 7 AM PST.10 AM EST|0&mnid=jordanretroshoes&sort=sort:new+arrivals%20+&CMP=AFL-LS-affiliatechannel&sourceid=affiliate&siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-EFbKuoSJSrNTrZ_fBGAaOg   Jimmy Jazz February…