Designer Shoes V.S. General Releases

I would say the sneaker game is more about money rather than the passion of just liking shoes and fly kicks. I find few people that buy shoes that they like. Most of the sneaker heads that collect now days just buy whatever is hot, as you can see in some of the resell prices. A prime example of the hype movement would be the Kanye West Powerphase. Pretty much an Adidas version of the reebok classic club c 85. The resell on the shoe is now as high as $1200 just because it’s a Kanye West shoe. Adidas is the new king of shoes and caters to the resell market with simple releases such as the NMD and Ultra Boost selling out almost every release meanwhile Jordan brand shoes are sitting more and more. The designer shoe gives you a bold tasteful look that you can wear with almost anything, for example the Balenciaga arena. Although the designer or more expensive pieces aren’t for everyone they are good to have in the collection if you have the money.IMG_0505


Flip The Switch

What’s up family! Today I am doing my first ever story on Nike Basketball. We have the Flip the Switch Collection which celebrates Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Paul George’s surge to the NBA Championship. The collection includes the LeBron 14, the PG1, Kyrie 3, KD 9 ELITE, and the Kobe AD. Each shoe in this collection is in electric colorways representing each player’s electric energy on the way to capture a ring; even though Kobe has retired the collection still includes the Kobe AD. The price tag for these shoes is $175 for the LeBron 14, $150 for the KD 9 Elite, $120 for the Kyrie 3, $110 for the PG,1 and $160 for the Kobe AD. The collection releases this Friday May 5th and you can pretty much pick these up at all Nike retailers. I will share that my favorite in this pack is the PG

The beauty of life

The beautiful thing about life is that it’s not beautiful at all. It’s filled with ups and downs; one day you are on top of the world and everything is going your way, the next day you may end up with nothing. The beautiful thing in life that makes it worth while is the connections that we make with people. The simple joy that we get from seeing other people smile. Nowadays the world is moving so fast that we barley have time for real relationships and friendships. If we can all take a second to pause and step back, we’d see the impact that we make on other people’s lives. Our moods can affect those around us, whether they are friends or complete strangers. If we took the time to reflect we would realize that we posses tremendous power to bring joy to someone’s life or bring them pain.  Earlier this week I was told that I should focus more on being first, not in the competitive sense, but in the sense of being the first to say hello to someone you don’t know or stepping up to help someone in need. Reflecting on what she said, that’s what I want to be first at and that we should all strive for. Many of us complain about how bad the world is or how messed up things are but we all have the ability to make the world a better place, so why don’t we? We need to start slowing down, we need to work on building relationships and loving those we care about more than focusing on our phones and wondering what to post next. When was the last time you said, “Wow, I didn’t realize we have been talking for so long”?  I’m sure it’s been awhile but those usually turn out to be the best conversations and we need to start having more of them. So take the time to slow down and disconnect yourself from your phone and focus on those relationships and friendships. Many people don’t seem to realize the power of positive thinking, that we have the ability to speak anything into existence. We have all faced hard times in our lives but we cannot let one negative thing dictate the outcome of any situation. When you think in a positive manner you can change the outcome of the situation or even change the perspective of the situation. We should all write down what we want, if we believe in it others will too. My dad always said, “It’s not a goal until you write it down”. So if you have a goal or are working on something make sure to always stay positive and speak it into existence. Its 2017, anything is possible if you want it bad enough. We are living in a time where you are able to reach millions through the internet; there is no way that anyone should feel like they can’t accomplish their goals. In the end life isn’t perfect, but if you surround yourself with the right people you can make it your own version of perfect.



Music Monday

First Day Out in my opinion was the hottest song of 2016; the new style of Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley had everyone wanting more. Well we finally got what we were waiting for this past weekend. On April 7th 2017 the Detroit native released his first mixtape entitled “My Moment”, a 13-song mixtape of straight fire. We love Tee Grizzley for the rawness that he has, talking about life situations; like going to jail, close friends getting killed, and loyalty. It’s safe to say that Tee Grizzley is here to stay and is a major artist to look out for this year. Down below is a link to the track list of “My Moment”. We also have a new track from Ty$o Supreme down below as well.


Jordan 1 Royal

The Jordan 1 Royal makes its highly anticipated return this Friday. The last time we saw the Jordan 1 in the Royal color way was in 2013. The 2017 version seems to be a considerable upgrade to the shoe quality, compared to the 2013 release. The Jordan 1 Royal is set to hit retailers this Saturday, April 1st 2017. It will be available at almost every major sneaker store for the price tag of $160. Be sure to look out for the Jordan 31, to be released in the Royal color way as well, with the price tag of $185.IMG_0708IMG_0705IMG_0707.JPGPhotos by- Rise NY (3/26/17)


Photo by- Nike (3/27/17)

Music Monday

Today I took the time to sit down with another up and coming artist, Willie Humbles, who comes out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Willie’s lyrics can hit home with almost anyone, making him a very versatile artist. The strongest message I took away from listening to his work is the importance of always being yourself and that no matter what you are doing, live life for your own happiness and everything else will soon follow. Staying true to yourself is an important lesson to learn when you are in your early 20s and Willie expresses this in his music. While others may think that they know what is best for you, in reality, you will always reserve the right of knowing where your own best interests lie. Willie lives by the mantra of always doing whatever you want to do and having faith in yourself. Not only is Willie a talented lyricist, he also is talented in painting and drawing, making him a well-rounded artist. Willie Humbles is one to look out for in 2017.  Check out the short interview below.

First off, where are you from?
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Which famous musicians do you admire and why?
2 Pac- I admire him for the cultural impact he made through his music.

Eminem- For his attention to detail in each lyric and his aggressive approach with a fast-paced flow.

J Cole- For storytelling music, life experiences, and inspiring message.

Lil Wayne- For clever analogies, his ability to adapt to all different types of beats, and his work ethic.

Were you influenced by old records & tapes? If so, which ones?
Big-Tymers CD when I was little.

What projects are you working on currently?

I am currently working on an EP called “Beyond” and an album called “October 24th”.

What’s the next step for you musically?

Making my own beats and creating a visual album.

Do you have any advice for up and coming artists?

Save your money, find a way to genuinely express your lyrics, sound like yourself and not like anyone else, and portray a message in your music that people can grow from. Remember music is made for the people before anyone else.

Where can the people check out your music?


(Photos by: Stephen Guma, Jy Chung, Israel Santiago)