Fear Of God 6th Collection Review


Fear of God designer, Jerry Lorenzo, returns with his 6th collection; this time Lorenzo is joined by some heavy hitters. The likes of Nike and a lookbook composed of Models such as Jared Leto from the band, 30 seconds to mars, Maggie Maurer, Xavier Buestel and Aiden Andrews. The lookbook also features promising photographer Pierre Toussaint. 

The collection stays true to its roots sporting oversized and layered streetwear designs. Although this showcase shines brightly this cumulation feels different. It feels like Lorenzo is making a statement with this selection like he’s announcing he’s here to stay and also be a leader and global icon when it comes to streetwear fashion.

The use of natural tones and patterns give the Fear of God 6th collection a rustic vibe. The item that represents the collection as a whole is the 1,495-canvas work jacket. The jacket is made up of heavy canvas in a rustic tan color but yet gives off western vibes. The jacket reminds you of an old fighter pilot jacket from WW2 but, yet Lorenzo makes it blend into today’s world of fashion. The jacket gives you the feeling of searching through your grandparent’s closest and finding the coolest things that may be so outdated but somehow when you wear them they fit right into today’s fashion scene.



The 6th collection sees its first collaboration with Nike. The Fear of God X Nike Skylon 2 is the first look into what Lorenzo has planned with Nike. The shoe is set to release sometime in October and sports a $395 price tag.


In conclusion, the 6th Fear of God collection is strong with some amazing pieces but yet feels lackluster and too trendy in my opinion.



Modern Notoriety Through The Lens

Little is left to be understood within the sneaker culture, but outside laid a dark cloud over the sneaker community for point of view. Seeing eighty kids lined up outside of a sneaker store on a Saturday morning may come as a shock or seeing kids spends upwards of two thousand dollars for a pair of shoes it can lead to a little confusion.  In the sneaker community, this is fueled by a passion for not only shoes but the street culture in general. Take a deeper look at sneaker culture and there’s more to it than sneakers; it includes music, art, fashion, photography, all rolled into one. That is street fashion culture or as many refer to them as sneakerheads. 

On Sunday, May 6, 2018, Modern Notoriety teamed up with Adidas Originals to present “Through the Lens” it brought together photographers, fashion, and sneakerheads together to capture the city of Chicago through the lens of how they see fashion and photography. Modern Notoriety provided disposable cameras with Adidas branding and models posed throughout different locations of the city sporting a brand-new Adidas line set to launch this fall. There is no judgment on photography skills or fashion skills. Everyone came together to inspire one another, to connect and to make friends with other people who share the same passions, many trying to get the best shot from the same angel and gain experience. During the event Owner and Founder of Modern Notoriety, Oscar Castillo, could be heard saying on the microphone, “Shoot your shot”. As a reminder to the people in attendance if they had a camera in their hand to take as many pictures as they possibly can.

This experience was unique in its own right because the only promotion that was done for this event was via Instagram showing the real power that Modern Notoriety has with its followers. At times there were upwards of seventy photographers walking the streets of the West Loop neighborhood of Fulton Market. When the event was all said and done the people that attended got together and had a dance off; you could feel the happiness and the joy that everyone had just been around people with the same energy and passion as them. Shortly after the event and networking were over there was the opportunity to go on Instagram and see all the photos that people posted, even though a lot of people were shooting the same picture everyone came out with different photos and made each photo their own. It really shows the power of a single picture and all the different takeaways from one photo.

This event was followed by another “Through the Lens” event on Sunday, May 20th and it brought the street culture community together and displayed select pictures from the previous Adidas Originals event. With free tacos to old arcade games, it was truly a celebration of everyone’s hard work. It gave the chance to have thousands of people getting to view different individual’s work based off the idea of allowing a group of people the opportunity to take pictures at one event from a myriad of perspectives. In the end, it seemed everyone left feeling inspired and a hunger to shoot their shot.

The Journey of Life

Wow, life is crazy. Just two weeks ago I was at the South Seattle gym playing basketball on a Friday night with my banana boat crew (they know who they are), enjoying living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (if you ask me), to leaving the life that I had built in Seattle a week later to start a new journey in Chicago. Now anyone who knows me knows that I have been talking about living in Chicago for about six years. Even before Seattle was a thought, but that’s where the story begins it’s not about Seattle or Chicago but the journey of life.

So many people want to move to other places, experience life in another city or country even, but they are scared. Fear can hold you back from doing a lot of things in life; fear will end your life much sooner than death ever will. I used to live in fear, that’s until I decided to take life into my own hands and decided to live the life that I want to live. It’s not about what other people are doing or what other people have because at the end of the day we all want different things; we all have want own experiences. I know money plays a large role in the things that we want to do but I never let money or the thought of anyone else’s opinion affect the way that I live my life and the places that I go in life. I’m also thankful to have such loving and supportive parents that will do anything for me to be happy and live the life that I want to live. I know that God places us in situations that we belong in even if we can’t see it in that moment we all just have to trust in the process. The journey of life is painful yet beautiful. It has the ability to make you feel defeated and then the next second feel like you can’t lose. My journey has taken me to some amazing places and I have met such amazing people while living in Seattle, friends that I know I will be friends with forever, as well as getting some life lessons that I could never get while living back in the Midwest. Yes, it was difficult being away from my family and friends. Some nights I lay awake in my bed sad and wondering if I made the right decision but I think it taught me to appreciate life and appreciate my family a lot more.

Now being back home presents a different set of challenges but I know that I just have to trust in my process. Part of the journey is learning through mistakes we have made but we have to own that as part of journey. We have to live the life that we want to live because at the end of the day we only have one and it goes by quickly. We spend all our childhood wanting to be adults and all of our adulthood wanting to be young again. You have to remember that while you are trying to create your own path you need to really take the time to reflect and appreciate your loved ones and close friends because they are far and few between in life. Fall in love with your grind rather than success. Remember we aren’t bigger than any job or anyone and that we all have the ability change the world and impact people’s lives big or small. Love you and own your journey.


February 2018 Sneaker Releases

Wow, after what felt like a yearlong January it seems like February is finally here! With February come kicks, kicks, kicks! A lot of heat coming from Jordan Brand. Just like the rest of the world, I am excited for the Jordan 3 black cement to finally get the Nike Air on the back-heel tab. I remember taking an L back in 2011, but my brother and friend, Alex, were lucky and able to cop a pair. Let’s hope I have better luck some now 7 years later, but we shall see; with that being said I wanted to share some of the shoes I am most excited about this February. Hopefully you guys are as excited as I am about this month and this year in the sneaker world.

Air Jordan 1 x Aleali May

The Jordan 1 Shadow isn’t set to release until 2018 but on October 28th we get a little tease with the Air Jordan 1 x Aleali May. This satin like shadow colorway sports a corduroy paneling and chenille swooshes, which differs from the satin bred and royal colorways. This dope collaboration is set to release October 28th in men and youth sizes at Nike.com and select Jordan brand retailers.

Photos via gc911-10/22/2017 @kicksonfire.com