February 2018 Sneaker Releases

Wow, after what felt like a yearlong January it seems like February is finally here! With February come kicks, kicks, kicks! A lot of heat coming from Jordan Brand. Just like the rest of the world, I am excited for the Jordan 3 black cement to finally get the Nike Air on the back-heel tab. I remember taking an L back in 2011, but my brother and friend, Alex, were lucky and able to cop a pair. Let’s hope I have better luck some now 7 years later, but we shall see; with that being said I wanted to share some of the shoes I am most excited about this February. Hopefully you guys are as excited as I am about this month and this year in the sneaker world.


The FAIK ART Interview

I have been interested in fashion and street fashion culture for as long as I can remember. I personally define street fashion culture as a mix of fashion and daily wear of self-expression but everyone has their own take. I recently I got the opportunity to sit down with street wear brand, FAIK ART, for an interview on their vision, what drives them to create, and one day being a huge staple in the street wear industry. Be sure to check them out on all social media linked at the bottom of the interview.



FAIK ART is a visual arts brand. Our visual identity represents a mixture of complementary forces that interact to create a sense of balance in the viewers world.

Art is necessary in everyday life. That’s why we created a collection of “chill-wear” clothing. Our casual, comfy clothes provide you with style and a bold visual experience.



 Why did you choose fashion design as a career?

We’re passionate about fashion.


What is your favorite part of being a fashion designer?

It’s a field that allows you to express your creativity in whatever way you want.


Define fashion.

Fashion is how somebody expresses themselves through what they wear.


Where do you see your brand going in the next 2-5 years?

We don’t know. We’re very open to what lies ahead.


Who / what inspires you to design?

We’re inspired by creative ideas and people.


Can you give some advice to all of the up and coming fashion designers?

Just be true to yourself.

Don’t think about anyone else that could be in your way.

Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Work smart.

Work hard.




IG: @faikart

FB: facebook.com/FA1KART


A Look Inside 2018

This year is already off to a fast start and I can’t wait for what this year has in store for not only me but the people that view my blog on a regular basis. I would like to take a minute to kind of go over the things that I plan on doing with my blog this year.

The number one thing I can promise is more content!! I know I can go missing in action sometimes but this year I am committed to bringing you guys more content, more sneaker reviews, and more life stories. This leads me to my second promise regarding more life stories, which will allow me to give you more of an insight into my daily life and the journey to becoming a successful blogger. I am not here to talk about success but to share issues that I feel everyone is facing in some way and sharing my perspective on those issues. I believe that people are more interested in the grind and the battle to become successful rather than flaunting success after the fact.

The third promise I plan to do this year is to give up and coming artists a platform to display their talents; from local musicians, photographers, fashion influences, and anyone that is doing cool stuff that should have a platform. I am here to shine a spotlight on anything creative and on people that are doing amazing things around the world. So if you know of anyone who could use this platform please feel free to email me and we can network. I want everyone to be successful in whatever they are doing and however they define success. I want to thank anyone and everyone that has ever read an article or clicked on my link. I appreciate it very much and it means the world to me, so thank you!


The Life Issue

In a time where we have Keeping up with the Kardashians, Instagram, and Snapchat it gives us the idea that everyone is happy all the time. This idea or illusion can at times make us envious of the life they are living and we could only dream about living that kind of life. In reality even mega stars and socialites have bad days and can be sad from time to time. So when things don’t seem to be going right for you don’t be down on yourself, everyone goes through it, everyone gets down or feels depressed, and guess what, it’s completely normal.

Mental health and self-care is very important and it’s a topic that most people are scared or embarrassed to talk about. We live in a world where everything is accessible in our hand, we have instant gratification and we want everyone to believe that our lives are perfect. In reality no person is happy every minute of everyday; we all go through ups and downs. No matter how much the media seems to show us that people are happy all the time it’s not reality, nor is it healthy for us to believe that it is or that we need to be. I believe that more people should step up and talk about mental health and self-care. As for me, I try to focus on positive energy and making sure my thoughts are in order before I start every day. Doing this used to be difficult for me due to my anxiety. With my anxiety I have a million negative and positive thoughts going through my head that it sometimes feels impossible to balance them. Some days are better than others, somedays you get caught up in your own thoughts and you end up talking yourself out of doing stuff or wondering what people are actually thinking about you when you do decide to do things. Although I do still continue to have these thoughts often, I still go out and do things and try new things because it’s better to live life than to live in fear of your thoughts and other people’s thoughts. No matter what you do people will say whatever and think whatever, I remind myself that every day is a new day to challenge myself and to push myself further than I had the day before. Mental health varies, some days you let your anxiety get the best of you and you don’t end up leaving the house and doing all those things that you had planned to do. But I realize that the less I think about something and actually do it, the more things I actually do. I have learned the more I write down and express my thoughts the better I feel. You may not deal with anxiety you may get down on yourself for simple things, you may know a friend that is down more than usual, but if you go out into the world knowing that everyone is fighting something whether it’s big or small and that they may not have an outlet. We can be someone’s outlet; it could be a simple hello or goodbye. I was always told at 70 you don’t remember all the things you did but you remember all the things you didn’t do. If we could all pass that along to someone having a hard time or going through a rough patch in their life we can all make the world a better place.

The sun doesn’t shine every day and no storm lasts forever, but eventually if you are going through something the light will always shine and things will always get better. We have to remember to stay positive and reach out and talk to people when we need to. Getting help or talking to someone because you have a problem doesn’t make you weak or less of a person, suffering when you don’t have to does. Sometimes we all need someone to talk to, we aren’t always happy living perfect lives we see on Instagram, those are just highlights but you miss the real game if all you look at is the highlights. Don’t miss out on your game, it ends too quickly.



Wow, 2017 came and went so fast! This year has been so amazing and has brought about so many new opportunities and challenges but overall I have been blessed and can’t wait to drop new and better content in 2018. With that being said, 2017 was a huge year for sneakers and street culture in general. So many people are into sneakers and street fashion now that it only brings new and fun designs for us as consumers. Adidas has stayed on fire with the Yezzy line and the Human Race, along with some dope collaborations from the EQT line as well as the Boost lineup.  Nike/Jordan reminded us that they refuse to be second tier to any brand and will remain king for years to come with drops like, the Kaws 4, the Jordan 1 Royal and of course, what may be the best collaboration of the year, the Nike X Off White 10 collection. With so much heat I decided to wrap up the year by giving you guys a look at my top 10 sneakers of 2017.


  1.  Jordan 4 KawsKAWS-x-Air-Jordan-4-17-565x372

2.  Jordan 1 RoyalAir-Jordan-1-High-1-5

3. Jordan 1 Off-White offwhite-jordan-1

4. Nike Pesto Off-White Screen-Shot-2017-08-12-at-7.47.44-AM

5. Adidas NMD x Invincible x Neighborhood INVI3

6. Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 a83e163d23b26c216df800b02c775cd2

7. Air Max 97 OG “Silver Bullet” nike-air-max-97-silver-bullet-us-release-info-03

8. Adidas Pharrell Human Race Trail adidas-human-race-nmd-tr-release-singapore-628x628

9. Adidas Futurecraft 4DUltra Boost adidas-futurecraft-4d-details-00

10. Concepts X New Balance 999 “ Hyannis” new-balance-999-hyannis-concepts-red



Air Jordan 1 x Aleali May

The Jordan 1 Shadow isn’t set to release until 2018 but on October 28th we get a little tease with the Air Jordan 1 x Aleali May. This satin like shadow colorway sports a corduroy paneling and chenille swooshes, which differs from the satin bred and royal colorways. This dope collaboration is set to release October 28th in men and youth sizes at Nike.com and select Jordan brand retailers.

Photos via gc911-10/22/2017 @kicksonfire.com


Adidas Fall Collection

Happy Fall everyone! Fall is my favorite season of all 4. The looks and the shoes releasing this fall is seriously something to get excited about and the release I am most excited about is the winter NMD human race and the fall/winter Adidas Yeezy release. Take a look down below to see the upcoming releases from Adidas.

(Pictures via Yeezy Mafia) yeezy fall winterNmd human race